African Acrobats

African Acrobats team wows public with stacked chairs and breathtaking contortions and offering a unique cultural experience. This dynamic troupe takes acrobatics to exhilarating extremes. The group members have learned acrobatics as children on the beaches of Kenya and now they serve as artistic ambassadors for Africa as they travel all over the globe.

This great spectacle with its defying stunts, comedy, audience participation, heart-pounding traditional music and contortions creates a production, which will have you at the edge of your seat. The acrobats inspire and entertain the audience of all ages. Public members are worked into the plot and brought to stage throughout the show in the exciting and entertaining African romp.

The African Acrobats feature many amazing stunts never seen before, including high-flying jump rope, human pyramids, chair stacking and much more.

This is an eye-popping blend of classic African style full of humor and playfulness.