Beyond Dreams by TODES

Todes Ballet Alla Duhova is Moscow’s hottest contemporary dance stunning fusion of styles. They perform from ballet to break, and from hip-hop to jazz. Today, Todes stride confidently over the globe, applauded by audiences in the US, Australia, France, Germany. It has won numerous international dance festivals.

This Russian dance troupe was created, led and produced by celebrity choreographer Alla Duhova in 1986. A dance festival brought together four girls from a modern ballet troupe and four break dancing boys. They decided to work together and see what would come of it, eventually rising to fame via mutually rewarding collaboration with the Soviet-era pop diva Sofia Rotary.

In 1991 Todes premiered their solo program. It currently has 60 ambitious and bright dancers. Duhova named her troupe after one of the most dangerous elements in figure skating. Today Alla Duhova is considered the founder of the modern Russian ballet. Vladimir Putin awarded her for her creativity and professionalism.

Todes popularity crossed the borders of Russia and enjoyed international acclaim. The team has been creating masterpiece with the biggest names in showbiz such as Michaal Jackson, Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey and many others.

“Our trademark is that we do not simply dance pure art-nouveau style, jazz funky beat or hip-hop as most Western groups do. We find it more interesting to absorb the latest dance fusion with Russian ballet roots, making sort of collages”, Alla Duhova told The Global Times.

Todes advances the art of dance worldwide as a legitimate and established performance art form. Through the avenues of performance, presence and education, Todes cultivates interest and talent in the art of dancing. The troupe is adored for its grace, athleticism, speed and beauty on the dance floor.

Todes has been performing their shows in Antalya with the Art Event Group for already ten years.

It is one of the most loved tourist attractions Art Event Group produces. If you want to be regaled with unforgettable entertainment and watch the story expressed through dance, you surely should go and enjoy its newest show “BEYOND DREAMS".

Love and devotion are surely poured into each performance.