Colombian All Stars

A brilliant selection of artists that combines in equal parts talent, plasticity, passion, discipline and beauty; That's the Colombian All Stars team.

Among these twenty two dancers are more than 35 national and international titles, a couple, winners of the gold medal at the World Games 2013 (Dance Sport), participants of successful television programs such as "Colombia Got Talent", "Que Viva" (a reality show produced by Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez), among others.

The purpose of the company is to work as a team with local companies in Santiago de Cali, serving as a platform that projects to the rest of the world the charm of this city, represented in each of our members. The current team is made up of young people who are great ambassadors for our Latino culture.

The current success of Colombian All Stars is the product of meticulous work done by its Executive Director, impeccable talent of each artist as well as dozens of people who work beside the team every day: choreographers, directors, seamstresses, cobblers, and even officials of foreign embassies and immigration authorities that make each procedure easier.

Today Colombia presents this selection of great dancers who represent one of the most beautiful sides of our culture, both in the speed and skill of their executions across the planet, as in the charm of this honest and warm Colombian culture. Colombian All Stars show the world that Salsa is a culture that goes far beyond the dance: that is carried in the soul, and blood of each Colombian.