Art Event Group is pround to be the owner of the best stage equipment. Our light and sound solutions are industry standard on large theatrical performances.Art Event Group offers a vast variety of different stage equipment, led screens and laser systems, sound and light technologies. We know how to make each event a spectacular to emotionalize the audience.

We always keep new conceptions of any event, setting of the stage and scenes together with the customer. We draw and make programming of the laser show, led lighting and additional effects. We set up any sort of equipment on site if requested. Art Event Group also implements multimedia.

Art Event Group has a very wide equipment range starting with low priced and small devices. All stuff is op superior quality at a very high technical level.

  • Pro Audio and PA Systems
  • Sound and related equipment
  • Stage lighting system
  • Lighting controls
  • Led Screens
  • Laser Technologies
  • Special effects; water screens, star cloth, flame machine, foam, snow, 3D Holograms, CO2 Jet and etc.
  • Stage mechnanical devices and technology
  • Mobile stages, modular podium
  • Backline